Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgery performed by dentists to remove the wisdom teeth. In this procedure, a dentist removes an unerupted wisdom tooth that is impacted or impacted. Unlike most other teeth, wisdom teeth usually come in at the back of your mouth and can be difficult to clean. Patients with jaw space issues typically undergo this procedure. Wisdom teeth are usually extracted when they are impacted, but patients who are at risk for complications are often advised to have them removed preemptively.

Wisdom teeth usually come in very late, around the age of 17-25, and can cause problems in the mouth because they can be impacted or overcrowded.

The process of wisdom tooth extraction is fairly routine (if it is straightforward extraction. For close to nerve extractions specialist surgeon might be needed. Your doctor will suggest the right option for you)
* The dentist numbs the area of your mouth with a local anesthetic, then makes an incision at the gumline where they can see all four of your wisdom teeth through your gums.
*Using surgical instruments, he or she will remove each tooth individually and place them into a container for later identification purposes.
*This procedure should take about 10-15 minutes per tooth and you’ll need stitches to close up any incisions on your gums.