Smile designing is an aesthetic treatment that removes the stains on teeth, polishes, and protects them from future damages. It is a cosmetic dentistry term for an aesthetic and functional dental procedure that improves the position of teeth and the shape of the lips and jaw. A smile designer may be a dentist or a dental professional.

The process followed is called orthodontics which changes the position of your teeth so that they are in better alignment with one another. This will give your smile more symmetry, balance, and attractiveness. They also use different techniques such as tooth shaping, veneers, and crowns to make teeth look well aligned.

Commonly the process followed by cosmetic dentists for smile designing is::
*The patient is given anesthesia to minimize discomfort.
*The dentist will first clean the teeth to remove any debris or plaque from the teeth.
*Then the dentist will start polishing the surface of the tooth with a diamond drill bit to remove any stains that may have been generated on the tooth surface.
*Finally, the protective layer is applied to give protection from future damages and discoloration caused due to food products or drinks.